About the Site

The Botball Community aims to be the central hub connecting Botballers around the world. It was founded by the 2009 (inaugural) YAC as a replacement site to the closed down KIPR forums, as well as a replacement for the complex and partially out of date KISS-C manual. The new manual eventually grew into the YAC's Guide to Botball and User Articles sections of the website. An IRC-powered online chat was chosen to round out the site's social features that became the Botballer's Chat. Most of the work behind the initial version of the site was done in March of 2009, with the site launching just as the last regions began their Botball seasons. Many new features have been added since the 2009 launch, and more are always in development. We'd love to hear your ideas for new features to add to the Community; post your ideas in the Forums!