Article Submission Guidlines

Community User Articles are a way to share useful articles, e.g. tutorials, which will probably still be useful months or years later, and probably won't receive much feedback.

User articles are great for:

  • Simple tutorials which may help newbie teams but are probably old news to experienced teams.
  • Companion material for GCER papers, e.g. code releases, videos, and PDF's of papers (YAC recommends that all GCER paper authors post a PDF of their paper as a User Article after the conclusion of GCER, but this is up to you).
  • Anything else which people will consult months or years later, and which won't receive much feedback.

You should do a GCER paper instead for:

  • Tutorials which will help experienced teams.
  • Original research, including hacking.
  • If you can't attend GCER, consider asking a friend to present your research. Don't use User Articles for this.
  • Don't post your GCER paper as a User Article until after GCER has concluded.

You should do a forum thread instead for:

  • Requests for help or feedback.
  • Anything which will be obsolete a month or two after comments stop.

Do not post anything which is:

  • Someone else's work (e.g. another person's GCER paper).
  • Anything malicious or illegal.
  • Spam of any form.
  • Anything which will reflect badly on the Community site.

Authors of User Articles will receive BotPoints. As such, YAC reserves the right to remove User Articles which do not follow these guidelines, to prevent BotPoints spam. YAC reserves the right to modify these guidelines in the future.