Site Rules

The following rules are to be abided by at all times while participating in the Botball Community. Failure to follow them will lead to a direct warning, followed by revocal of some or all of your account's posting priveledges. Repeated infractions will lead to a ban from the community;

General Rules

  • Don't be rude, make sexual jokes, or use offensive language
  • Don't spam. Note that replying to a spam topic also counts as spam!
  • Don't create duplicate accounts. If you simply want to change your username, go My account -> Edit.
  • Don't type in caps, or use annoying colors or large font sizes in your posts or signatures
  • Keep all discussion in English

Forum Rules

  • Do your best to stay on topic. If a new discussion comes up, start a new topic which others might notice and join in.
  • Post your topics in the relevant forum. In particular, if it has nothing to do with Botball, it belongs in off-topic.
  • Use the private message system to speak directly to a specific user.

Online Chat Rules

  • Don't send message messages to the channel repeatedly (known as flooding)
  • If you don't want people to take your nick, register it
  • Don't abuse Botguy