5 Benefits of Android App development

Can you switch your smartphone with a keypad mobile for a day? Of course, not. From booking flights to online shopping the applications running on your phone give you can access to an entirely new world. With more than two million active Android users, the Google app store and other third-party Android distributors have opened the door of opportunity for aspiring developers. IOS developers account for only 33.4% of the market whereas android developers have a greater share of 44.6 %. This had led to a proliferation of android app development company in Dubai.

The total of android application reached 2.1 million in the past year. The figure is getting bigger with the rapid increase in smartphones in underdeveloped countries.

Here are the nine major benefits of android app development -

1. Freely accessible
2. Easy approval process
3. Testing
4. Customizable UI
5. Easy to adopt
6. Broder market
7. High ROI
8. Security

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Source: 5 Benefits of Android App development


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