1. WOW Effect.
The WOW Effect in Service Quality Conference was built with this principle in mind. The presentation is designed to perfect your interpersonal skills and improve the satisfaction of those around you!

2. Put yourself in their shoes
Putting yourself in the customers' shoes is a strategy we employ here at Big Wave Media. Whether we're designing a logo, creating a PR campaign, or developing a website, we imagine ourselves in the situation of the client in order to efficiently plan and generate the best possible outcome.

3. Love at first sight.
One of the biggest challenges faced by businessmen and marketers. Customer service isn’t all about thinking and finding the right solution. A greater part of it involves appealing to customers’ emotions. This is why from the moment you start talking, you need to make them feel connected. Your customers will be comfy and feel that they are in the right place. Company customer service is just american eagle customer service

4. Use Positive Language.
Positive language is a powerful tool you can use to shape clients’ and candidates’ experiences with your staffing firm. Using positive language tends to reduce conflict, improve communication, reduce defensiveness in others and helps portray the speaker/writer as credible and respectable. Positive, non-cliché wording is critical in the customer service end of your business.

5. Be Human, Not Robot.
Engage with your customer by being human, not a robotic auto replies email and phone call. When you deal with hundreds of customers weekly, it’s easy to fall into the trap of treating them as numbers rather than as real people with real concerns.


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