Earthquakes and Engineering: Their special connection

Earthquakes, they are really common here in California. What does it have to do with engineering? One cannot realize this, but the way that homes are built in California solely rests on how much a build can resists enough shaking before it falls down to the ground and turn into rubble. Furthermore, it also depends on what type of soil, and how good or flimsy a structure it. The best soil to ever make a house on is loam soil. Why? Well, it was a student's science experiment because she saw what was happening in Haiti, and Chile(this experiment happened around that time) and wondered why were all those structures falling down. She gathered information about which soil types most houses are built on, and built her own shake table with the help of her dad. After the experiment she put two and two together and found out loam "supports" the house with a very firm base. Also, it was found that sand is not really the best type of soil because it does not really grasp the base and also due to liquefaction the house can possibly sink. Technically these reasons display what are the connections between earthquakes and engineering.