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Articles that give general tips and tricks to being successful at Botball

Music and Engineering:Are they like oil and water?

According to my dad, most engineers are photographers and doctors are musicians. Is that true? Because of what I have seen today, musicians can be engineers.Please leave your opinions in the comments area.

Pics from GCER 2010

Sorry for the delay in posting my pics from the 2010 Global Conference on Educational Robotics.
Here is my Flickr Photostream of the event.

Espionage in Botball

Espionage in Botball: Motivation and Method
Joe McCormick
Malden Catholic High School

Espionage in Botball: Motivation and Method

1 The Necessity of Discovering Information from Other Regions

Off Season Botball preperation game

This is a game I created for teams to possibly do during the off season this summer/fall.

The game uses the field materials from last years game which keeps the costs to a minimum.

This is a great beginners game to introduce new members to the Botball experience.

Jake Hall

Lego Botguy Replica Instructions for Team Trophys

Here are pdf instructions on how to make a Lego Botguy replica.

This is a cheap little trophy that can be given out to all of the team members at the end of the season.

The cost of Lego's per Botguy is around $9 if you have no Lego's on hand.

It took approximately 2 hours to design Botguy on Lego Digital Design and build him.