Hey everyone! So I had a few questions on these new hangers on the new 2014 game board. First off, I think the new game is simple and all the tasks can simply be done. How many points is Botguy on the excersize bench? I haven't been able to get on team homebase so I'm sorry if I seem an idiot. Also, the hangers, I think the might be replacing the pink and blue boosters. Isn't the excersize bench just a blue cube? I'm thinking it would be wise to start thinking of designs for a Universal Claw that will be able to pick up and stack hangers sufficiently. Just take it into consideration. Thanks!


Having a clear understanding

Having a clear understanding of the organization’s strategic objectives helps innovation leaders conceptualize ideas. In order to get employees to think strategically, the key is not to demand business value thinking at the beginning of the idea process. Rather, encouraging absurd and irrelevant ideas irrespective of a dollar value can allow you to find the next big innovation your company wants. Those ideas can be lurking anywhere; city officials in Paris, for example looked for an innovative and ecological idea to save money and decided to use a resource they already had: sheep.

it is done!

it is done!


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Please post this on the

Please post this on the forum, rather than an article. Also, no one is able to offer canonical answers to scoring questions on the Community site; use the Home Base FAQ for that.

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