How to withrow the winning from an online casino?

As soon as a player signs up and successfully log into the account he then proceeds with transferring the first deposit to the account, the question immediately arises how to cash the money in case of winning. Well, first you need to know that in case you haven't deposited anything but play for casino bonuses than you hardly can withdraw the bonus money.

When you play for money, then, naturally, you hope to win. In the casino, there is an opportunity to play for real money, as well as for "candy wrappers". Winning is counted only when you have withdrawn the certain sum from your registered wallet linked to the account keep them in your hands. Very often, players do not ask the question of withdrawal until the immediate transfer of funds, which leads to certain difficulties. Therefore, we strongly recommend that you familiarize yourself with possible output methods before starting the game.

Here are some tips on how to withdraw money from online casinos

The first thing you need to pay attention to is the commission for withdrawing the winnings. It is worth considering the moment that for the transfer of your money to the payment card, the bank withdraws the commission from the sender. It all depends on the club at which you play. The casino can either pay a commission for the transfer on its own or transfer it to the player's shoulders. The online institutions slightly complicated process, in the interests of the safety of players and the club itself. For example, some users use fake credit cards for the game in the hope that the winnings can later be sent to their bank account and thus "laundered" money. There are also situations when players transfer money but do not play. And, in the end, after a few days withdraw funds back to the card of another bank. In such situations, the administration has suspicions that such a user launder money, so the casino reserves the right to shift the commission of the bank to the player's shoulders. In order to combat fraud of this kind, online casinos can ask the player to send them a photocopy of their passport, credit card, and ask for personal information. All these measures are taken solely to protect the interests of users, as well as the security of the gambling establishment. Do not be afraid of this procedure: large, reliable and trusted casinos will not use your personal data for other purposes, and will not transfer them to third parties. You should also pay attention to the withdrawal limit, as well as the period of the financial transaction. Most often, money comes within 24 hours, but in some situations, it may take a little longer.

ATTENTION!!! Casino employees never ask for the password or CVC code of your bank card. Be careful!


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