I No Longer Dread My Period – My NutriO2 Review

I really do dread that time of the month.

Every women has to go through it but my periods are really bad. I can feel the pain and cramps coming on and for a week or even more I really do struggle to function in daily life.

A lot of the time I need to take a couple of sick days off work because the pain is so bad and I feel really tired and fatigued. No painkillers seemed to work and even the treatments that my doctor prescribed have a minimal effect. They worked for maybe a couple of months, then my body must have got stopped reacting to the medication and the pain, cramps and tiredness came back again.

In a way, my life was being ruined by PMS.

It is for this reason that I decided to go online and find a more natural cure. I have always been big into my alternative treatments and therapies and this is how I found NutriO2 by Kevin Richardson, the latest health product craze.

NutriO2 is a treatment that helps promote healthy blood flow around your body by allowing the body to take in more oxygen and creating robust and healthy blood cells. It helps to thin the blood when you are on your period and creates less pain and cramps too.

This is what it said it did so I thought I may as well give it a go and see if it made any difference.

The instructions stated to only need to put a few drops into a glass of water once a day so you don’t need to worry about following a complicated plan. This was great for me because I usually have a busy lifestyle and I forget things a lot.

After a few weeks of taking NutriO2 I certainly felt better in general, but how did it help my period and all the symptoms that come with it?

The second month after taking NutriO2, my period did not affect me as much as usual. I still had some cramps and pain but they were really better than before. I was able to continue with work and my social life instead of curling up in a ball in bed for a few days.

After a few months I no longer dread that time of the month because I knew it wouldn't be as bad as before. I haven’t taken any other medication when using NutriO2 as I didn’t want any adverse reactions. So I am definitely sure that it is NutriO2 that has helped me.

For anyone whois really struggling with their period and PMS then you should have a look at NutriO2 because it has helped me immensely. For a week every month I shut down and was unable to do anything, but now I can continue my life as normal with just a slight bit of discomfort. The only side effect I had was feeling a bit sick for a few days but that went away quickly.

For period pain, heavy periods and cramps then NutriO2 is a great solution.