Internship at St. Louis Chinese American Newspaper

The report about internship at St. Louis Chinese American Newspaper highlights the experience of working with the apartment company entitled Bonhomme Village for creating a draft advertisement in the Yellow page of the weekly newspaper St. Louis Chinese American News.

Advertising plays a significant role in commerce. Effective advertising belongs to one of the challenging tasks of a newspaper. The general purpose of my internship was acquaintance with working on advertising project, namely cooperating with clients for providing advertising services. Specific purposes of my internship included fulfillment of the requirements of the client, observation of the cooperation with clients for creation of advertisements for the Yellow page. General purposes of my internship are learning of the newspaper practices in the sphere of advertising, getting knowledge of working with key clients and enhancing my communicative skills.

St. Louis American Chinese News is the only English Chinese newspaper in the middle western part of the United States which has its own bilingual website and offers information for more than sixty-five thousand Asian representatives.

The history of the St. Louis Chinese American News started in the year 1990. It is necessary to stress that this newspaper is the only source of any kind of information for the Chinese community of St. Louis.

Apart from providing color weekly newspaper, St Louis Chinese American News publishes St. Louis Chinese American Yellow Pages, which are issued on annual basis and contain information about businesses of St. Louis. Founder of the Chinese American News says that the purpose of the paper is to let the local Chinese community have its own voice. Introduction of a website made it possible for anyone to get access to the information provided by the newspaper.

I would like to stress that St. Lois Chinese American News is committed to the quality of news and community service in the sphere of providing news. The newspaper has developed team culture and provides training and career development, thus empowering individuals like me to become real professionals.

The Contents of the Yellow Pages online version includes alphabetic registry of advertisements. It is necessary to mention that the printed version of the Yellow Pages contains not merely a registry, but the advertisements which have to meet the requirements of the clients.

One of the objectives I had to achieve was the ability to present the advertisement effectively. The most difficult part of my internship was to satisfy all the needs of the customer, namely Bonhomme Village Apartments.

I took an active part in the process of working over the advertising project. I had to understand the customer’s requirements and needs through communication and research. Bonhomme Village Apartments is the customer which offers a wide range of apartments and accommodation for rent. The abovementioned accommodation is of high quality in order to satisfy all the needs of the clients who would like to rent an apartment. The company offers its clients true community living in contemporary apartment houses. The key advantage is the ability of the clients to get involved in community life as Bonhomme Village organizes numerous community events with this purpose. The Clubhouse offers a lot of activities and community programs, where residents can both work and live. The neighbourhood of the apartments is a place for various cultural and recreational activities such as community celebrations, walking tours and performing art groups.

While working on the project, I had a task to stress and highlight the advantages of Bonhomme Village Apartments over other competitors. After communicating with the representative of Bonhomme Village Apartments I came to the conclusion that it was necessary to highlight the key advantages offered by Bonhomme Village Apartments. First of all, the neighbourhood of the Bonhomme Apartments is a place which offers balance between rural and woodland surrounding. Apart from it, the area offers easy access to metropolis. The motto of the company “Your Destination Our Inspiration!” reveals dedication of the Bonhomme Village Apartments to offer best quality apartments.

I have to admit that the task to produce advertisement, which would reveal and highlight all the advantages of the apartments offered by the Bonhome Village, was complicated. The main information that had to be included in the advertisement, such as address, phone number, motto and logo, went without saying, but the choice of words which would stress the advantages of the Bonhomme Village Apartments over competitors was complicated.

The advertisement of this company had to be visually appealing and stand out from other advertisements of the similar content. Getting customer’s approval of the advertisement draft was an important stage of my internship as well. Before presentation of the draft project of the advertisement I had to make improvements in accordance with the critique of the team leaders.

It is necessary to point out that building customer relationships for maintenance of customer loyalty is of great importance for St. Louis Chinese American Yellow Page. Thus, interacting with customers is a key method of building long-term loyalty. I took the responsibility of working out advertising project which would satisfy all the customer’s requirements. In this respect I can outline the core values that I learned at St. Louis Chinese American News while working as a service representative. I learned to strive to work hard, to fulfil all the expectations of the customer, to provide service with integrity, and be proud of our team work.

The advertising message of the Yellow Pages is creativity. Apart from it, building long-term cooperation and maintenance of customer satisfaction level required a lot of effort from my part. Working as Customer Service Representative, I had to get acquainted with the customer service, communicate with customers by phone and face to face.

Additionally, I kept the record of all correspondence and decisions made by the customers. Furthermore, I had to discuss improvements with team managers in order to provide high standard customer service. Learning about client’s services and offers was also one of my responsibilities.

Thus, while doing an internship at St. Louis Chinese American News I got insights into the work with clients who would like to have advertisements in the St. Louis Chinese American Yellow Pages. I have learned to deal with different situations that happen during the working process. I learned much about working environment of the newspaper. I have to admit that hard work, decision making, creativity and the ability to work in a team are the main learning outcomes of my internship at St. Louis Chinese American News.

In conclusion I have to admit that I got useful experience while doing internship at St. Louis Chinese American News. I gained knowledge and skills. I improved my communication skills while working together with the team of the newspaper and the clients . Working with St. Louis Chinese American News has added value to my knowledge and abilities. I got the opportunity to relate my studies and implement my knowledge in the practical sphere. I have learned to express myself more confidently after doing an internship. Moreover, I achieved all objectives of the advertising project. This internship has motivated me to pursue a career in this sphere.

I had the chance to work with the professionals, which enabled me to broaden my mind and polish my skills.
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