LaFleur Gets Emotional After Packers Sea

GREEN BAY, Wis. The Green Bay Packers could have folded up their tents and scheduled their tee times. With five consecutive lo ses and a two-touchdown deficit, the situation could hardly have been more dire early in the fourth quarter on Sunday evening.But the Packers didnt quit. Instead, they shocked the Dallas Cowboys 31-28 in overtime. The meaning of the moment wasnt lost on coach Matt LaFleur, who got emotional after a victory that saved their season.Keeping energy high and faith Junior Bridgeman Jersey alive isnt easy when the light at the end of every tunnel is a freight train or tractor-trailer.Youre totally right. Totally right, LaFleur said. It is hard because we put a lot into this game, not only coaches and players, support staff, trainers, strength coaches, everybody, our scouting department. The work is on display every week and theres a lot of hours and a lot of things that are done that nobody sees. I know for myself it was hard not to get emotional after that game. Where we D.J. Augustin Jersey ve been, thats a long stretch, and it felt like forever ago since we won a game. Just to see the joy when we walked in that locker room, it was pretty special because it was genuine.LaFleurs voice wavered during that answer. It did more than waver on a follow-up question. The emotions of the Milwaukee Bucks T-Shirts moment hit him when he walked into the coaches locker room after Mason Crosbys game-winning field goal.I had to kind of gather myself quickly and then talking in front of the team, you know, I care about these guys, and, you know, LaFleur said, taking a moment to try to compose himself. We put a lot into this. And it is tough at times.Bowing his head, LaFleur continued, I apologize. But it means a lot to us. And to be down and fight and continue to fight, thats what you want to see. I dont mean to make this awkward. I apologize.Scroll to ContinueThe victory saved a season that started with such promise. Five consecutive lo ses have put the NFC North out of reach but theyre right in the thick of the playoff chase.After weeks of banging their head against a wall, the Packers perhaps earned a breakthrough victory against one of the best teams in the NFL. These guys, Im just so proud of their ability Thanasis Antetokounmpo Jersey to continue to believe in themselves and one another, LaFleur said, because everybody has been very critical, rightfully so. Thats the sport and the world we live in. I know if I dont bring energy and stay positive on a daily basis, how can you expect Bob Lanier Jersey that out of anybody else? So, I think thats part of your job. Guys know when its real and when its not, but I think that I do truly believe in the men in that locker room. I do, and I told them that last night. Again, super-proud of that group.Related Stories: Packers vs. Cowboys


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