Mmoak:BDM revenue is three times faster compared to the current PC version

Pearl Abyss, one of the main game developers in the country, has been connected to the BDM Silver brand recently announced its firm results in the second quarter of 2018 with lots of noteworthy highlights.

Sales of PCs have slowed down while the mobile segment remains impressive in the previous quarter (click image for more details).

Specifically, the PC version of Black Desert Mobile earned just $26.3 million, compared with $73.5 million to Black Desert Mobile from the next quarter. Quite ridiculous is that while Black Desert Mobile has been receiving a lot of criticism from players about how it started to turn into a pay-to-win match, its earnings was just 1 / 3 Mobile version. South Korea is still the largest market for Pearl Abyss as its sales are much greater than the rest of the region.

Recently, the launch of mobile games based on the legendary PC version is gaining popularity in the gambling world. Some of the more prominent names such as Lineage 2: Revolution, MapleStory M or the forthcoming Blade & Soul Mobile. Anywhere you go, the graphics are somewhat more impressive, simpler to play than the PC version with attributes to encourage gamers to assist the mobile version is growing quickly over the last couple of months.

Together with Black Desert Mobile alone, in November last year, following the opening of the portal to allow players to create balances, the match has created a fever in the Korean marketplace with more than 1 million entries. Signed in a brief week.

With remarkable graphics, exciting gameplay, Pearl Abyss MMORPGs instantly became one of the latest mobile games in the three regions. Coming soon, when the game Mobile Download starts the worldwide version, perhaps, revenue of Black Desert Mobile will probably be far away a lot of PC versions will likely grow to be yesteryear in the near future.


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