Music and Engineering:Are they like oil and water?

According to my dad, most engineers are photographers and doctors are musicians. Is that true? Because of what I have seen today, musicians can be engineers.Please leave your opinions in the comments area.


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It's absolutely not like oil

It's absolutely not like oil and water, how can it be? Music can be created by anything including engineering too, it should be say they like spice and water, blend together in order to make life have more new colors.

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doctors and musicians seem

doctors and musicians seem like oil and water

Music, by the way, enhances

Music, by the way, enhances your IQ. And, I play three instruments and I find it quite a distraction to my engineering goals.

That's rather interesting

That's rather interesting opinion however I don't think this one is should be taken as a rule. i think it all just depends on the personality and so on. But the idea itself is very interesting one. Btw, I know one doctor who is a professional musician and who i the songwriter and singer for his band:)

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I love music. I find that, in

I love music. I find that, in certain situations, it helps my concentration quite a bit.

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I like music, but it's really

I like music, but it's really obscure video game music. I hadn't even heard of the Beatles until it was played at a Botball meeting, and I still don't know hardly and bands.

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I like music and I'm

I like music and I'm interested in music so I would have to agree that they can go together. Though I'm not always the best reference for whats normal...

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I Like Music But I Agree It

I Like Music But I Agree It Is Distracting...

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I don't listen to music. I

I don't listen to music. I just find it distracting.

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