Must have travel accessories

Mobile phones have become so much a part and parcel of our daily lives that imagining even one day without these technological blessings would be nothing less than a nightmare. Right from keeping us connected to our near and dear ones, sending text messages, capturing our favourite memories, listening to songs, playing games, browsing the internet and many more, mobile phones now play a crucial role in helping us stay connected, work or even have fun in a better way. That said, considering how much we love our mobile phones, here are 5 mobile accessories that you simply cannot do without.

Cases and Pouches, 2) Screen Guard 3) Travel Charger 4) Bluetooth Headsets 5) Extra Battery

Ispite of all these accessory make sure you have installed all the necessory apps like tutu app, GPS navigation, News app etc


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These are useful information

These are useful information but I would rather just be with my phone, its all I need anyway.:)

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