Order Pay and Go - iCashout App

https://www.icashout.io - With three simple steps namely Order, pay & Go, the iCashout app has served to attract several restaurants to integrate the app which in turn attracts more customers for the eateries

Order, Pay & Go! That's all that is required to do with the amazing iCashout app which is designed for a smart way of dining in restaurants with a touch of innovation.

With the iCashout app you can order and customize the food according to your preferences then pay the bill quickly yet securely and finally you can leave the restaurant to deal with your appointments. Order,Pay & Go- simple as that!


You have to update new

You have to update new version usually in order to survive with the others, adapt or be perish

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Get the latest version of app

Get the latest version of app is available for free on Tutu app free download.

The clients can choose the

The clients can choose the given eatery related with the application and make pre-orders where the nourishment readiness is finished by their taste by being synchronized with the culinary expert and cooking staff of the given eatery.

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