This point does not just apply to angling-pressured carp

How do you save money on bait and actually have this catch you more big fish?! It might be a strange question but the answers are extremely powerful indeed! Most of the bait you pay for is wasted because it literally does not transfer into caught fish; so find out how to save a fortune!Anglers who fish for big carp or big catfish use a range of shop-bought baits from pellets and boilies, to maize, hemp, meats, fish, maize and many proprietary ground baits etc, to bait their swim, which all cost a lot of money through the year. Much of this bait gets eaten with no benefit to the angler at all while he sits fishless! This phenomenon occurs very frequently and anglers would be shocked at their money going literally to waste as a result of missing something which can convert this bait into fish.There is no point spending money to feed fish unless perhaps you are a fish farmer! If you keep on doing what is not working most efficiently and expecting different results, this is akin to the common definition of insanity. Carp and catfish are living dynamically reactive creatures and really do remember and associate with dangerous baits, rigs, spots in swims, tackle detected and so on.This point does not just apply to angling-pressured carp, but catfish too, of that there is absolutely no doubt. So the point is how to stop wasting money on feeding your fish with free baits when this does not consistently convert into increasingly better catches! The cost of simply spending time fishing often involves loss of earnings in time, or at the very least the increasing travelling costs, food and drink costs, fishing permit costs and all those renewed tackle item costs and so on!Making your bait money equal more consistent catches in the short and long-term will certainly save you money in results terms per pound or dollar spent as less is actually wasted. Yes there are fisheries which are so easy a bare hook catches fish, but I’m referring here more to fishing hard syndicate waters, or the popular fishing pressured and over-crowded day-ticket waters where fish respond negatively to anglers baits and fishing pressure. How do you know what you are missing if all you do is measure your results compared to the average catches for a water, when the reality is that the average catches on a water may be very different indeed from what is truly possible for any individual angler?It is the common habit of the average angler to put out free baits upon arrival at a fishery without too much thought about his or previous anglers impacts at any one moment in time, where fish may not actually feed confidently on baits that are fresh as they are associated with danger. The first few days and nights on many waters can just be largely a waste of time if fished conventionally. On harder waters トップス it is most often the case that fish will shy away from fresh baits, preferring to feed on them when water has penetrated and leached them for a number of days and nights.Thinking about the bigger picture on a very pressured water, Mr average angler turns up, baits-up, fishes 48 hours and leaves fishless, and ワンピース then most usually the next angler turns up in the swim and does the same things: with similar poor average results. This kind of pattern happens all year round on so many carp waters these days. Now and again, the angler who happens to time it lucky catches fish over all the old bait left by other anglers, but is mostly oblivious to this artificially built-up phenomenon. An anglers luck may be as bad as the old gone-off bait that fish have left uneaten; oblivious that the foul bait has killed-of the popular swim! When carp fishing becomes an automatic function of relatively thoughtless actions, the results become mediocre and this is no surprise as so many anglers simply underestimate the sensitivity of carp to angling baits, tackle, and all the kinds of active and inactive presences of anglers they detect so easily; what worked previously is not guaranteed to work today! On pressured waters each day can find the fish acting differently as you might do in order to consistently stay one step ahead of a predator, (and sometimes this is one example of why man evolved being able to be self-aware, rationalise problems and think of solutions, but this is vastly under-used in fishing!)As one example, I was very fortunate to catch a very rare white coloured mirror carp (not a koi) of 38 pounds, which had not been caught in over 7 years, from one very heavily-fished UK carp fishery. I obviously did something right on this occasion if you think of the thousands of anglers and hours which did not produce this fish in all this time, and it was a very unusual bait and baiting application method (and frequency) that caught this great fish and others that followed.)In this case I chose and applied new attractor and feeding trigger substances in bait forms that had not been used or rarely if ever exploited at this water before along with a new baiting approach with an unusual frequency of baiting and these and associated differences have made such a difference to results personally, on a range of waters. All it takes is consideration of the particular ways the fish have become conditioned by the anglers’ baits, methods and thinking that dominates the water historically and each water differs in various key ways in this, that you might well be able to exploit in your own unique ways. You can make a big difference by being different in almost any individual or combination of ways!If you take the time to analyse the short-term and long-term impacts of what other anglers are doing on your water and link that to the negative (or positive) impacts on fish behaviours over any time period, you may begin to see how to exploit both fish and angler behaviour creatively. This thought is unique to your fishing situation at any point in time so will most likely produced the most accurately tuned possible actions, processes, thoughts and actions to solve the particular fishing challenges present. By analysing your fishing challenges and fishing situation in regards impacts of your fishing (and of other anglers) upon fish really can means you can save a fortune in wasted bait; as what you do use is leveraged with far greater results in catches in relation to money spent on bait achieving these!It is true that to maximise the power and costs of your baits takes some thought, but a little effort can save you literally a fortune in wasted costs. So next time you arrive at your water and proceed to bait up as usual, you might stop mid-flow and take time to consider the many other solutions ボトムス that are staring you in the face which you might presently be blind to but for a little extra thought; after all, the solutions that will be thought of in 10 years are available right now... This bait secret ebooks author can help you in many more than you might expect and improve your carp and catfish fishing results; so keep a look-out!By Tim Richardson.By: Tim F. 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