There is work involved

There is work involved on your part for AIMcontent generator to work. We do not use scraping technology to copy other content on the internet. Yes, you have to write content that is relevant for your audience. However, you can turn 15 paragraphs of real content into hundreds of thousands of pages.Here is How SEO Content Generator Works 1. Gain access to the online interface where all the creation begins 2. Create a silo (directory) where your pages will go 3. Select how many paragraphs to randomly display 4. Select states and cities you want to target (they will generate on random). 5. Create an HTML page or use your existing template 6. Insert the template parameters into the areas where you would malas louis vuitton like them to be seen * There is a parameter where your paragraphs will display * There is a parameter where your links to other SEO generated pages will go * There is a parameter where RSS Feeds and/or Wikepeida Information will go 7. Write Paragraphs (the more you write the better search engines will index them and not treat them as duplicate content). 8. Insert Link and Keyword parameters into the paragraphs where they make coherent sense. 9. Add your targeted keywords (using similar keywords is recommended for proper siloing structure and readability in paragraphs). 10. Set a keyword for your top silo (this is the page that all other SEO generated pages will link to). 11. Download PHP script and upload it into your websites root directory 12. Create an htaccess file and copy and paste htaccess code 13. Upload htaccess file to your website root directory louis vuitton portugal 14. Download XML and HTML sitemap and upload it to Louis Vuitton Viagem your website root directory 15. Create a link from your home page to your XML and HTML sitemap for search engine bots to find and index. 16. FINISHED