Unique Rituals of Kerala

Kerala is home to thousands of temples and groves with hundreds of chief and subordinate deities. The unique folklore, legends and bizarre rituals of Kerala is always a wonder to the outside world. Hundreds of Thousands of devotees from across the country and around the world travel to Kerala every season to seek blessings. In Kerala, each temple has its unique legend and interesting backstory. Also, these temple complexes hold centuries of historical significance. For example, the Ettumanoorappan Temple in Ettumanur, Kottayam has rich folklore like the visit from the Pandavas, accommodating Sri. Sankaracharya while he was writing a Poem etc. Most of these temples have an interesting back story associated with them, especially the old ones. Also, there are hundreds of bizarre and off-the-wall rituals. These rituals and legends pave the foundation for drawing millions of devotees to the Kerala Temples on a seasonal basis.

The unique rituals from the temples across Kerala, are mainly the derivatives of the historic Tamil temple culture and many other cultural classes across India. The proofs of the origins of certain rituals and architectural practices can be found as paintings, folk-songs, and folklore. The aesthetics and ambiance of these temples are exquisite and praised by many foreign visitors. This serene ambiance is often compared to something holy and other-worldly, while some say it is just ancient architectural brilliance. Many of these temples have large groves associated with them, which also contributes to the pristine atmosphere inside and surrounding the temples. These groves are home to a number of endangered tree and herb species and are only conserved due to the careful preservation of the temple authorities.

Many of these ancient temples have upgraded to modern ways to provide the devotees the best experience worshipping their favorite deity. One example is the Sri Datta Anjaneya Temple in Aluva. Datta Anjaneya temple with Anjaneya as the chief deity offers Online Pooja services in Kerala and Online Pooja booking in Kerala. It is one of the first temples from across the world to make use of the Internet to cater to its devotees. Providing online vazhipadu in Kerala is a boon to devotees who work or reside abroad and want to worship their favorite devotees from across the world.