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Gears and Chains

Whenever, you make a robot mechanism, you almost always need a power source. Whether it is motors, servos, rubber bands, or controlled gravity. In many instances, the simple output of the power source must be 'modified" or "moved" in order to accomplish a task (claw, bin, arm, self destruct switch). In this article, I will be discussing how you can do this is through gears and chains.

Foam Ball Grabbing Claw

When designing a claw to pick up the large foam balls, two key points need to be considered; stability, and weight. The claw does not need to be complex to complete its task, but the more advanced teams can get creative and have very unique designs.


Hello World

This will be your first chapter into the world of Botball programming with the KISS-C programming environment.


Though a lot of a Botball match is spent driving around the board, the key to any successful robot is the manipulators it uses to score points. Though creative use of a sled can score many kinds of points in Botball matches, the highest scoring objectives almost always require the use of claws or other more sophisticated manipulators.

Chasis Construction

Before beginning to build a chassis, you need to understand that this must be the sturdiest part of your lego bot. Because you will only build from here, an unstable chassis makes an even more unstable robot, only adding to natural drift problems and other unavoidable problems with motors and programming. The fist step to avoiding this is when securing Motors, make sure they are snug.