Botball YAC gives awards at the Global Conference on Educational Robotics.

Community Award

Botball Community participants are awarded BotPoints for contributing to the Forums and User Articles sections of the site. BotPoints can also be awarded by YAC admins for helping with the site (a total of 10 BotPoints were awarded for this purpose in the 2012 season, in return for a user reporting a bug in the website). Spamming can result in a BotPoints penalty. The Community Award is given to the team with the highest combined total of BotPoints for all current participants.

2012 BotPoints Team rankings:

Winner: Norman Advanced Robotics (113 BotPoints)
2nd Place: Palm Desert High School (89 BotPoints)
3rd Place: DeWitt Perry Middle School (64 BotPoints)

See complete individual BotPoints rankings for 2012.

Overclocker Award

The Overclocker Award is given to the team which innovated above and beyond the feature set of the hardware or software provided by KIPR.

The 2012 Overclocker Award went to 12-0113 Norman Advanced Robotics.

Live-Blog Challenge Awards

YAC challenges Botball teams to live-blog GCER, and picks the best ones. See the Live-Blog Challenge link at the top of the site for more information.

2012 Live-Blog Rankings:

1st Place: 12-0113 Norman Advanced Robotics, Norman, OK
2nd Place: 12-0049 Southwest Covenant Botball, Yukon, OK

2011 Live-Blog Rankings:

1st Place: 11-0253 St. Mark's School of Texas, Dallas, TX
2nd Place: 11-0113 Norman Advanced Robotics, Norman, OK
3rd Place: 11-0007 Malden Catholic High School, Malden, MA
4th Place: 11-0049 Southwest Covenant Schools, Yukon, OK

2010 Live-Blog Rankings:

1st Place: 10-0113 Norman Advanced Robotics, Norman, OK
2nd Place: 10-0256 R.L. Turner High School, Carrolton, TX
3rd Place: 10-0133 Triad High School, Troy, IL
4th Place: 10-0251 Great Mills High School - Team 6 (The Style Armada), Great Mills, MD
5th Place: 10-0315 Terre Haute North High School, Terre Haute, IN

Other Awards?

Do you have ideas for awards? Make a thread on the forums!