Botballer's Chat

The Botballer's Chat is an IRC channel on Freenode for all Botball participants to hang out and get to know each other, as well as offer technical assistance or collaborate on Botball or other technical topics. Remember that this channel is used by a wide range of audiences, from middle school students to KIPR employees and potential sponsors. We want to keep a relaxed, open, and enjoyable atmosphere for everyone to join in on, but to do this we ask that everyone follow these rules.

  1. Personal attacks, even "name-calling," will not be tolerated.
  2. No spamming or other meaningless conversation.
  3. Language and subject matter must be kept appropriate at all times.
  4. You may not sign on to the chat with multiple names. (No "sock puppets")
  5. Operator status will only be granted to YAC leadership.
  6. Any decision made by a channel operator is final. Failure to comply with these decisions will result in a ban from using the chat.

If you wish to appeal a decision made by a channel operator, you may e-mail the YAC mailbox.

As a guideline, please don't sign into the chat, ask a question, and leave when you don't get an answer within 30 seconds. Many community members idle in the chat but don't check it constantly, so if you stay in the chat, you may get an answer later. If you must leave the chat after not getting an answer to your question, you would be well-advised to post the question in the Forum so that someone can answer your question.

If you prefer to use your own IRC client instead of the web-based chat, point your favorite IRC client to #botball on .