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This year GCER will be held in Norman, Oklahoma where my team and several others are from, and I thought there may be things that you as traveling participants might want to want to know about my home town, or things that other Normanites might want to share with the incoming teams. I know it is reeeaaaallly early in the season, but I am afraid that I will forget to post this later. Besides, it wont go anywhere. This seems to be a good place to share these things, so I'll start us out.

You coming in the summer means that there will be next to no traffic. Norman is a college town with the infrastructure to support a university full of students, but will have no students when you are here.

Also, if you are willing to drive a bit (20-25 minutes ish from the convention center) there is a wonderful local frozen custard shop called The Custard Factory. I would particularly recommend the 'Stormin Norman' which is their name for their turtle custard.

-Daniel Goree
Senior Project Manager
Norman Advanced Robotics (13-0113)

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