Project Kovan Kickstarter!

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The KISS Institute for Practical Robotics helping fund their next robot controller through Kickstarter!

"Project Kovan is an easy to use and powerful linux-based robot controller. It aims to be simple enough for a middle schooler, powerful enough for a researcher, and versatile enough for the hobbyist."

If you know any philanthropists, let them know! Their donation might be tax deductible!

For more information, visit the Project Page.

Thanks for your support!

Braden McDorman, Software Developer at KIPR

Braden McDorman

Developer of the KIPR Link, KISS IDE, KIPR's 2D Simulator, and CBCJVM.

Reach me at bmcdorman(cat)kipr(dog)org where (cat)=@ and (dog)=. if you need assistance of any kind.