Beyond Botball 2010 Game Pieces

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We are starting to work on Beyond Botball 2010, but have a few questions about the game pieces.

The “lemons” are described as “Yellow 1.5” poms” in the Game Review, but as “Small yellow foam balls” in the Botball Store Game Piece Set. Which one is correct?

I see in the FAQ there are details on the bucket size, but did anyone find a source - a place to buy just the buckets?. We have all the other game pieces in our storage.

Bob Ekman, Rockville, MD

Bob Ekman, Rockville MD

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Hey Bob,

When I read through the rules I came to the conclusion it is 1.5" poms or "trebles" as I call it. But I would post your questions into the official Botball forum to get them officially answered.

Also I am not for sure on where to get the buckets on their own.

Jake Hall
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Can we paint our robot black? If not, what other colors are we not allowed to paint our robots?

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