Botguy Positioning in Beyond 2009

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We have put together a test board for Beyond 2009, but we are a little concerned about the positioning of Botguy in the Government Funds Distribution structure. Does he sit lightly on the top and blocking the golf balls or is he wedged in between the pipes? Could KIPR post a picture of how he sits in or on the structure?

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Answered in sticky. Question 2.

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The Kipr Open rules are usually posted much sooner than the regular botball rules (in the fall), however it does undergo a little bit of updating over time. My mentor has done Kipr Open (Beyond Botball) for 6 years and it is usually this way.

There really is no material restriction other than the weight limit, and danger limit. So metal is unlimited as long as it is under the weight. There are also rules that restrict the releasing of liquids and gases while on the field. So i'm guessing hydrolics and pneumatics are okay as long as the gasses are under a certain pressure. (100 bar i'm pretty sure?)