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Why are the forums so dead, no one is talking anymore.

I understand school has started and people have gotten larger work loads. But I figure there is still Botball stuff people can talk about.

Are people still looking at the forums daily?

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Jeremy Rand
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Hey Jake,

I'm still here; I check the forum 2-3 times per day usually, although on occasion it drops to every 1-2 days when I'm really busy with school. I can't speak for everyone else here, but I suspect a combination of school work increasing and robotics-related activities decreasing are to blame for the quietness here. The latter will of course reverse itself once the Botball 2010 season starts.

I've been trying to advertise the community site; I sent a link to the Whittier coach as well as my team. There's only so much I can do though. The best things we can all do are (a) post useful stuff here, and (b) let other people know that there's useful stuff here.

Glad to see you here!

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Yeah I check the forums about once everyday or two days but its tough with school, sports, and all of the college things. However, once the season starts up or its getting close to that time I'm sure the forums will get a lot more activity

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lol college things. good luck to all those applying this year XD