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We all know about Botball Live (or at least I hope you all do. If you don't, check out the tab at the top. Kudos to Jeremy and the other members of YAC who made this happen!), but I know I also saw a lot of individuals' cameras at GCER. I'm making this thread to encourage people to share videos they shot of the various events at GCER.

I recorded the entire feedback session in 720p and will be uploading that to YouTube in small pieces for the next few days, however, before I publicly release the links to those videos, I will need permission from KIPR. Additionally, I have a video of me giving my presentation on pathfinding, as well as a bunch of my own team's runs, which I will post links to soon. (I believe the rights to these videos are my own, so I'm not going to wait for permission from KIPR before releasing these.)

Let's help make things easier for people who weren't so fortunate to attend GCER!

Jeremy Rand
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Botball Live was planning to stream the feedback session but at the last minute we were asked not to do so due to concerns about people using it as a platform to launch angry rants about decisions they didn't like. In retrospect, we should have recorded it and uploaded later. Anyway, seeing as no angry rants occurred, I'm guessing if you ask KIPR for permission, they'll be fine with it. But I don't speak for KIPR, so be sure to check with them to be safe.

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I have tons of videos (1080p) of robots and various things at the conference. I also have a first-hand video of Mr. Culp's and my little "prank" at the feedback session, but as you have said, posting that would require KIPR's permission. I could upload all of the individual round videos, but that could take a LONG time, so I would encourage you to visit my live-blog and check them out there. The blog can be found at: http://smtexas-gcer-2011.posterous.com/