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Need something fun and educational to do with your robotics class or club? Do you want an opportunity to possibly raise some funds for your team? Check out the brand new KIPR Video Showcase!
The KIPR Video Showcase seeks to recognize the awesome work being done by the educational robotics community, to inspire new projects, and to share knowledge and resources for robotics related STEM activities.

Videos will be accepted in the following categories

  • Project Videos: Autonomous Robots, Robotics Applications, Inventions, and Robotic Art
  • STEM Promotional Videos
  • Robotics HOW-TO Videos

All videos selected for the showcase will be recognized as Official Selections of the KIPR Video Showcase and will be featured in an online video gallery. Projects selected for the Project Videos category will be automatically accepted to the Autonomous Robotics Showcase at the Global Conference on Educational Robotics. STEM Promotional Videos and Robotics HOW-TO Videos will be shown at other events throughout the conference and at some regional events. All videos may be displayed at other KIPR events throughout the year.


Additionally, awards will be given in a variety of categories. Winners will receive credits that can be applied towards GCER fee waivers, travel grants, KIPR store purchases, or 2011 Botball registration.

You can read all about the KIPR Video Showcase by visiting this link.

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This looks fun!

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