Recruiting Botball Experts/Robots for summer biomimicry camp in the South Bronx!

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Hi everyone,

I'm looking for Botball experts (and some robots to borrow) for a really interesting summer biomimicry camp in the South Bronx!

I'm with Iridescent (, a non-profit science/engineering education org putting on a week-long summer camp in partnership with bio bus (, using the irobot platform as a programmable biomimicry device. The idea is that students (ages 11-14) would learn about nematode biology (microscopic worms - 102 neurons in the entire nervous system) and locomotion in the mornings; and then program irobots in the afternoons to mimic their behavior in seeking food, feeding, and responding to a touch stimulus in the afternoons. Students will work in teams to 'genetically engineer' the robots to win a survival of the fittest -type competition simulating nematode living conditions. It should be pretty fun!

The problem is, our only team member with irobot/broomball/C experience, is on vacation abroad right now, and leaving the org and moving to Maine right before the camp starts. So we're facing a pretty significant development and expertise gap here in trying to get together curriculum for the August 1-5 camp. Also, we're short on robots - a few sources fell through and we only have 1 robot available right now for a 30 person camp.

Would anyone be interested in helping develop the robotics curriculum, training, and/or instructing the camp? Do you know of any robots we could borrow? Let me know and we can discuss pay and any other details.

Bryan Johnsto
bryan - at - IridescentLearning - dot - org

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Bryan Johnston
Director, Iridescent South Bronx Science Studio
bryan - at - iridescentlearning - dot - org