Registration Discounts Available to Teams Registered by Nov 1, 2010!

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Hey Everyone! Check out the discounts that may be available for teams registered by November 1, 2010.

Please read the following discount options carefully and determine which one might be best for your team. Remember, you must be registered by November 1, 2010 to take advantage of these discounts.

Each registered team may select ONLY ONE of the following discounts. You can register online now for the 2011 season at:

New Team Discount
Teams that are new to Botball for the 2011 season may select a $200 new team discount reducing your registration fee to $2300.

Multiple Team Discount
If you already have one team registered for the 2011 season, you may register additional teams at a discounted rate of $2300 per team.

Equipment Reuse Discount
Teams may choose to reuse the following equipment and receive a $530 discount, reducing the registration fee to $1970. You must choose to reuse ALL of these items to qualify for the discount (no a la carte!).
* reuse 2 CBC v2.0 (with cameras and chargers)
* reuse Create (with battery and charger)
KIPR will warranty both CBCs and the Create for the season with the exception of obvious misuse or abuse.

Equipment Trade-in Discount
Teams may choose to trade in two CBCs v1.0 with cameras and receive a $300 discount. Teams who choose this option will receive upgraded CBC v2.0 with cameras in the kits they receive at the workshop. Version 1 CBCs must be shipped to KIPR on or before November 15, 2010.

Marci Corey
Botball Program Manager