WARNING: New servos may be dangerous!

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While developing a horizontal grabber to pick up blocks we had the mechanism jam sliding horizontally. A gear on a new, high-torque servo was on an axle shaft and drove two racks in opposite directions. Here's the dangerous part: The servo had enough torque in the jammed mechanism state to twist the axle shaft 90 degrees over a distance of maybe 12 mm. The gear slipped off the end of the staff and flew 5 meters at high velocity across the room and hit the wall with a substantial thwack.

I am recovering from a detached retina and two eye surgeries caused by being hit in the eye over a year ago, so I am sensitive to the concept of eye safety. PLEASE CHECK ANY MECHANISM YOU BUILD USING THE NEW SERVOS! Make sure parts can't fly off if the servo moves and the parts don't. In advanced engineering circles this is called Failure Energy Management.

If a robot is misbehaving, it's doing EXACTLY what you told it to do.

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Scary stuff, thanks for sharing.

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