What members have a skype username

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Hey everyone!!

I was wondering who has a Skype user name.

I think it would be great to have a large group outing on the internet so we can place some user names with actual faces and just have a good time.

Skype can host up to 24 web cams with each other in one chat room.

Let me know what you guys think!!

my user name is: jake_ray_hall

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Jeremy Rand
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Hey Jake! I do have a Skype username (biolizard89); however, I am in the process of switching primary computers, and my new computer does not yet have Skype installed. Also, my DSL connection is poor enough that video chat tends to fail horribly even with only 1 other person. (Never buy AT&T DSL; it's absolute crap!)

I'm okay with installing Skype and trying it out, but expect my webcam to lag by several seconds and take several seconds per frame.

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