Who's Doing GCER Papers / Showcase Projects for 2010?

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Jeremy Rand
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So who's doing GCER papers this year? I'm doing a paper on some fun SolidWorks hacking; I'm working with some YAC members on a paper related to a YAC project to be revealed at GCER; and Matt, Braden, and I are collaborating on CBC Hacking 2010. Jeff Terry (of Norman Advanced) and I are also considering doing a Showcase project if we have time. There were to be 3 other papers which I was going to submit, but there's just no time to get them finished, so they'll have to wait until 2011.

Anyone else doing GCER papers and/or Showcase projects?

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I am working on paper/showcase to show people the error of thinking of "smart" robots versus "dumb" robots. Note to self: If you tell Marci something interesting she will make you write a paper. :)

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The work-in-progress CBCJVM paper is now publicly available on GitHub. This is only the LaTeX sources, but pdfs will occasionally be updated in the downloads section.

You can always compile the latest LaTeX source at anytime by downloading the .tex file, and running:
pdflatex CBCJVMPaper.tex
from within the tex file's directory. (assuming you already have pdflatex, installed with sudo apt-get install texlive-latex-base on Ubuntu, and probably Debian too)