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If you have not yet found it, the SDK documentation for the drone can be found at:

***PDF warning*** (103 pages)

Jeremy Rand
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Thanks gras!

One of the things I encountered in my hacking research so far was that the official API is not usable for Botball-related work due to the restrictive license:

Article 5.1 states:

"PARROT expressly forbids the Developer:
(i) To access or use of the PARROT SDK and APIs from a technology or means others than those provided with the API’s;
(ii) To market copies of the API’s, for free or against fees, and to distribute, sub-license, rent, sell, transfer, commercialize, publish or generally put the API’s to a third party disposal;
(iii) To do reverse engineering, decompile or attempt to extract the Source Codes of the PARROT Drone; under special legal conditions, necessary information for interoperability purpose might be requested from PARROT ;
(iv) To destroy, or alter any warning and copyrights notices;
(v) To use the PARROT SDK and APIs to develop an application other than a Game for AR.Drone. The Game for AR.Drone, shall have for sole purpose to be used by a User for entertaining, game, leisure or training. The creation of applications for the use of the PARROT Drone for professional use or use such as but not limited to military, and, without limitation, security, watching, spying, defence, cartography, is strictly forbidden. "

(Emphasis mine.)


So what this means is that since Botball is not a game in the sense of the license, usage of the API for Botball violates the license.

Hackers might want to look at third-party code such as the code distributed by KIPR, which is under a more permissive license.

Note that according to my legal understanding, Sec. i and Sec. iii of the above are probably considered anticompetitive in the U.S. under the Lasercomb v. Reynolds court case. However, I'm not a lawyer; be careful about the potential risks if you choose to violate the license.

-Jeremy Rand
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