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Our Team has built a rough prototype of this years (2012) game table, to practice on. The gap under our turnstile is 1 1/2 inches, but one of our representative says that at the conference they said that a pom-pom would be unable to roll through under the turnstile. With our current table a pom-pom can easy roll under the turnstile. We have built our table as close to specification as possible. Has anyone else had a similar problem? and does anyone know what the size of the gap will be at the tournament?

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On our board, pom-poms (and I think ping pong balls) roll fine under the revolving door. I have not measured it, however I know we have rolled them under without any problems. I wouldn't worry about it, but if you want to make sure your board is accurate, just measure random distances on the board (length of PVC, length of black tape, revolving door dimensions, etc) and compare it to the board construction document.

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I checked the table for one of the teams I mentor, and the poms can barely go under on one side, and can't go under on the other side (they constructed the door in a somewhat asymmetric manner). I would not recommend relying on this behavior for your strategy. Remember, the official boards can be off by half an inch... so there's no telling what the behavior will be at the tournament.

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