2015 Botball Kit Question

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Harrison Cassar
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Hi everyone. I have just been getting started into the Botball season here and since some of my teammates went to the workshop, they said that the only adhesives that you are allowed to use is these "Glue Dots" and you are not allowed to use U-Glu anymore. At first, I was astonished, however I read the game review and under the equipment list it still says that U-Glu is allowed. I came here to ask, did my teammates hear wrong? (there were about 8 students and 3 advisers that heard it from my school so I trust them). I don't know if they heard wrong or the workshop advisers misunderstood or the actual game rules in the game review was wrong. Thanks so much and I will see you at competition!

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UGlu ** IS ** allowed, per the game rules. From the official FAQ on the Team Home Base:

> Both UGlu and the 3M dots/strips are allowed. Many teams reported not being able to find UGlu last year, so we added an alternative.

A good source for UGlu is the big roll at Amazon: 1 inch by 65 feet (!) for $19.97.