Botball for K-5 Elementary Schools

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Hi Botball community,

I am as new as a newbie can be. I have known about Botball couple days back. As you know, GCER is happening in LA and this is the first year they have try a pilot Elementary Botball Challenge. I am an engineer and a parent at K-6 Charter school in West LA and we start our first year middle school next year. I can write C and work the hardware decently. We were looking at Robotics for our elementary and middle schools and came across Botball happening on July 30th at GCER.
I am very excited to mentor this and help the kids. Kids at our school do Scratch and some lego. I am trying to make the teams and participate. At the professional development workshop, KIPR uses C and as a computer engineer I like their hardware as well.

Botballers, how do I make this work for K-5? If we were to buy a kit, would you recommend Mindstorms or KIPR for elementary school children? We are also looking to partner with FIRST for next year. How do the 4-6th graders work the KIPR console?

Our school kids can't wait to be botballers!

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