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Here is a list of all the ideas listed above in the proper format. I took out all the repeats since they only need to be mentioned once to be put on the poll. I also split them into individual suited categorizes I believed would work so people do not post ones that are already mentioned.

New Kit Items:
• Better sensor(s) for long range measurement / amplify current sonar
• Pre-made Camera, sensor and motor mounts.
• Add more extensions to the kit (for motors, servos, and sensors).
• Add more long bolts to the kit.
• Have cameras without the flex-tube in the kit.
• Add plans for a claw for the create demo bot.
• Use metal hardware that matches Legos better than the IFI hardware.
• Add acceleration control to BoB

CBC / Programming Features:
• Control motors / servos from touch screen
• Faster Boot time on controller
• New “power toy” options for controller: LED lights, communication, a graphics API, a user-interface API, etc, etc.
• Interactive tab in kiss-c
• Have a well developed library (especially a navigation program) for the create demo bot and the other demo bot.
• Manuals should include actual code examples.
• Add the ability for objects (ball, botguy, poms) to be put in the KISS Sim program.
• Add the ability for other robots to be put in the KISS Sim program.

• Funniest team true-story award
• Software awards

• Two starting boxes for each team: one, 18" x 15" and one 12" x 12" (or something along those lines)
• Multiple height levels incorporated in the game.
• More randomness to the field, i.e. positions of the scoring zones and scoring items.
• Starting box shouldn't have pipe on the game table side (allows for second bot to exit without getting blocked or the need to use kit parts to make a ramp).

• Better Board Documentation
• More Botball publicity
• More scholarship/intern tie-ins.
• Add alliance matches to every regional.
• Day of competition robotics problem competition

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-Easier access to the filesystem
-Built in support for C++ or Java

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Record the botball matches at the competition.

sell/give video to teams.

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Board at Teacher Training Workshop:

At the Teacher Training Workshop, have a board (built correctly!). Include detailed photos of it in the workshop materials.

[An example of why this would be helpful: Almost all of the newbie teams in our region failed to build the board with the dividers between panels, and hence their robots failed miserably in the regional. A shame, easily avoided.]

[P.S. Before the voting, it might make sense for each suggestion to have a 1 or 2 sentence explanation of why it was suggested (as most posters, like me, have felt obliged to do). Some suggestions are obvious, but others would benefit from context.]

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I think it would be good if there was a "block_servo_done" function similar to bmd.

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Another Item can be Vex or Lego chain for the gears.

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Hmm.... My suggestions would be

-More landmarks on boards like black tape and such so that we can get a better idea of our position.

-Having randomly positioned objects positioned in a way that their positions are still random, but there next to no chance of a team inadvertently scoring them.

-Less wide open spaces on future boards in order to make navigation easier for non-create robots.

-Forcing teams to innovate if they want to get a robot across to their opponents side of the board.

-Require manipulation of scoring areas in order to score points in those areas.

-Make the FRP divider less of an obstacle that it was this year(provided that the FRP divider is merely functioning as a joiner for two panels).

-More points in places elevated off the ground.

-Reducing the amount of power the CBC uses.

-At least two to three more servos in the kit

-More unified standards for set up and deployment of points at regionals, for example at the DC regionals the judges deployed the blue balls by starting them out on top of the pvc couples and then flicking them with their hands, while judges at nationals deployed the blue balls in the way the game video indicated they would be deployed.

-Fix function track_is_new_data_available() in the camera libraries.

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Hey guys, just FYI, nominations will be closing soon and voting will commence as soon as YAC members have time to set it up. So if you haven't submitted your nominations, please do so promptly.


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If I'm not mistaken you can control the motors and servos from the cbc touch interface. Its what I use to figure out what servo positions I should be using in my programs.

As a side note I'm not sure there is much that can be done and CBC boot time. Its booting a full Linux operating system. The old XBC didn't have anywhere near as much software to boot up.


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The hours of robot testing we had at GCER made such a big difference to us. Thanks to this, our robots actually worked in the first few rounds.
Two hours is not enough testing time in the regional competition. Make the regional competition more than one day long, and give us more testing time; at least four hours would be good. Or have open practice tables open throughout the competition somewhere off in the corner.