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Harrison Cassar
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reggiec had a really good question on another thread and it was this:
When trying to create an account on Botball community there is no Captcha. You get the broken picture icon. What can be done about that?

My response to this is great question. I think it is related to the browser blocking or if you are connected to a network with a big protective firewall that is blocking those (just we discussed with DSUSD's network). However, when helping one of my classmates login to this community page a loooooong time ago, the Captcha was showing and it was connected to the DSUSD network. You may just have to go into your firewall settings and turn off some of the protetion settings, however this can probably not be done through the DSUSD network.

Your best bet is to sign up at home and hopefully it would work. If not, post here and I will ask Jeremy about it.

Jeremy Rand
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If anyone's having trouble registering, find me in the Botballer's Chat and I'll take a look.

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