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I am having some trouble on a ramming device to gather pons so if anyone has any ideas please respond. I sorta have and idea but i don't know if it will work.

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You should start with some research. I recall seeing a lego mindstorms robot capable of that task.If you find a robot just redesign it to your needs.

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You said you are having trouble. That means that you already have a design so, please attach a picture of your design and I will have a look at it.

Ben jamin'
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Yeah, a picture would help. But use a hopper. I'm not talking about the TV hopper, no if you look up hopper it is a device that sorts and distributes them in the correct manor. This is how I would go at it. Hope it helps, I would should you to this one website but I can't post links (See in my post).

`Ben Jamin'

Jesus Arzapalo
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Just like Ben said I would recommend a hopper but you should remember color sorting will help you much more so I would probably make a claw or hopper that drops the orange and leaves the green on a piece of paper.