How To Activate ESPN Channel

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Activating ESPN on Roku is a simple process. However, to initiate the activation process of the channel, you must have a Roku account. Once you are done creating the Roku account, follow the below steps to install and activate ESPN channel.
Start with logging to your Roku account and visit the Roku channel store.
Browse through the channel store and trace the ESPN channel.
Once you locate the channel, highlight it and add it to the Roku channel list via remote controller.
Additionally, you may also add the ESPN channel by visiting the Roku official website and clicking the link.
Once you are done adding the channel to your channel list, select your favorite service provider and note down the activation code that you receive. However, while signing to your service provider, if you fail to recall your credentials, get in touch with the service provider agents.
Provide the activation code to the ESPN/Roku official website and you are all done. Your channel will get manually updated without delay and is ready to stream your favorite sports events.For details visit