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Want to get involved and help make Botball better? You might want to join the 2014 Botball Youth Advisory Council (YAC)! YAC is a group of current and former Botballers with a simple mission: keep making Botball better.

Our projects have included the Botball Community website, the Botball Twitter and Facebook pages, better documentation for new Botball teams, the Live-Blog Challenge, Botball Live, video compilations of Botball events, interacting with the media, legislators, and industry to promote Botball, assisting KIPR with planning expansion and promotion of Botball, design and management of GCER student activities, and many other projects. You choose which projects you want to help with based on your skill set and interest set (contrary to popular myth, you actually don't have to be a crazy-awesome programmer or a crazy-awesome engineer). And we're always looking for new projects to undertake -- so bring your ideas, because if it makes Botball and GCER better, there's a good chance we're up for it!

One of our major projects (Botball Live) was featured as the top story on the front page of the NASA Robotics website, our members have won multiple NCWIT Aspirations in Computing Awards and two Google Scholarships, and our members have been hired by such prestigious entities as Microsoft and Rackspace, so YAC definitely looks good on a resume. It's also a great opportunity (though certainly not required) to learn new skills, including in the areas of programming, video production, public relations, website management, social media, journalism, and of course leadership.

The 2014 Application is attached to this post.

Each applicant must have participated in Botball for at least 1 full year. Also, each candidate may not be younger than 8th grade or older than a senior in college; anybody older is encouraged to join KIPR Open, however. Each candidate's application must be accompanied by a letter of recommendation by a current or former Botball team mentor, and the application must be emailed to by that mentor. The deadline for both the application and mentor recommendation is 11:59PM Hawaii Time, December 20, 2013 (4:59AM Eastern Time, December 21, 2013).

All applications will be judged by all current YAC members.

Current YAC members are welcome to return for the 2014 season without filling out the application; contact Katie or Jeremy.

We hope to have all regions adequately represented in the YAC in the 2013 term; ideally we would like to have at least 2 members from each region, including international (however, we will not disqualify you just because too many applicants were from your region). We therefore encourage members of all regions to apply!

Everyone who is interested in YAC is welcome to apply; in particular we are hoping for additional applicants in the following areas:

  • 8th graders in any region.
  • Normally we list regions in which we particularly need members. However, this year all regions are low on existing YAC members. So basically, bonus points to any high school or college student who can attend a regional tournament in any region, including both U.S. and International regions.
  • Bonus points for anyone with experience in any of these technologies (but this is definitely not a requirement): iOS, Android, Blackberry, PC hardware, Linux, Wi-Fi, Cygwin, VNC, Bash, HTML5, SVG, CSS, Javascript, jQuery, video editing/production, AviSynth, ffmpeg or VLC, live video streaming, IRC bots, PHP, Drupal, VoIP, Bitcoin, Namecoin, Diaspora, Friendica, Kickstarter, or Indiegogo.

But, even if none of the above apply to you, we still want you! All serious Botballers who meet the eligibility requirements should consider applying.

Good luck, and we look forward to working with you on the 2014 YAC!

-Jeremy Rand
Vice-President of Technology, Botball Youth Advisory Council

YAC_App_2014.doc37 KB

-Jeremy Rand
Senior Programmer, Team SNARC (2012-2013), Norman Advanced (2010-2011), Norman HS (2008-2009), Norman North (2005-2007), Whittier MS (2003-2004)
2012-2013 VP of Tech, 2011 President, Botball YAC (2009-2013)
Mentor, Alcott and Whittier MS

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