kipr link crashes

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Everytime my prograam is running the kipr link crashed. I reseted the firmware, made my program less complex but the problem still occurs.
Any sugesstions on how to fix this

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1. On the link, delete all the programs currently on it.
2. Write a program that only prints "hello world" (or something like that). JUST THAT, NO OTHER CODE.
3. Test your program in the simulator. If it works:
4. Compile your program on the Link and run it on the Link.

If it still fails, contact the KIPR folks (see Contact Us on the botball site). If it succeeds, then slowly put pieces of your program back into your new program, testing each piece.

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Try writing a "Hello World" program. If that crashes, you have a bad Link or firmware code. Call KISS.

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that's the protocol... you go to the basics "Hello world program"..!!! :P

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