Kiss IDE 3.0.2 2013 Game Board simulator???

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Can anyone tell me where the 2013 Game Board Simulator is in the software? 2009-2012 are showing but not the 2013.


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KIPR recently released a new version of KISS IDE for this year's season. You can download it here: Download the KISS platform file and install it. Be prepared for some bugs though. KIPR is working on fixing them.

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yes! I really need help. I cannot figure out how to work the simulator in the new KISS software any suggestions?? there isn't a simulator button.


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You must manually start the simulator (Start->KIPR's 2D Simulator). It should show up in the target selection dialog as a target named "Simulator". Use the "Run" button to "download," compile, and run your code on the simulator.

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Maybe an update is required, also contact the manufacturer.

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