Link Crashing with Camera

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We've had some issues with our new new links. Whenever we connect a camera over usb and try to view the image, the link freezes up. Sometimes it will freeze and we have to reboot it, and other times the screen will go black and then return to the home screen.

This only is happening to our new (2014) links, not our links that we had from last year.

Anybody else experiencing issues like this?

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Yeah, we just had the same problem this morning. It also happened when we tried to use the depth sensor. We had our Links modified over the summer. We tried updating and downgrading the firmware and we still are having the same problem.

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we simply had the same issue toward the beginning of today. It likewise happened when we attempted to utilize the profundity sensor. We had our Links adjusted over the mid year. We had a go at upgrading and minimizing the firmware regardless we are having the same issue.