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Hello all, I'm a particapant in a team from western Indiana and the team I'm in is meeting twice a day until nationals to completely redo our strategy. We started this Sunday and we're now on the cusp of the stage where we test and program over and over. When we did this at regionals and the time before, it seemed to be a tedious and time-consuming proccess. However, I talked to my dad (a professional programmer) and we came up with the idea of utilizing a wireless network adapter dongle on the cbc to make testing quicker and easier. We own a couple and I've been checking whether these work with linux of whatever distribution the cbc runs on. None of them worked, so I checked on Amazon and found a small one that seems to work on several variants of linux, includion Ubuntu and Mint, but before I buy it I am checking here if anyone has done this or heard of any easy way to do this withought going into command prompt and spending hours of work on it. I also was checking to see if anyone knew of the distribution of linux the cbc runs on, I couldn't find anything in the KISS website or on the cbc. If this does work and no one has done it before, it'd be a cool addition to the botball program if it was standardized. BTW I'm going to the finals in hawaii this summer and I'm a new member this year, but have a decent understanding of the competition adter regionals.


Link for wireless adapter:

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It is very possible. We do it using codeblocks bin compiling which is quick.

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There were several reasons for the CBCv2 not supporting wifi downloading by default. There are very few cards that work, there were concerns regarding cheating and unauthorized device access, and there were no libraries written for student use. The next generation botball controller has builtin wifi, and KISS IDE 4.0 has been completely redone to support network communication at every level. Not only will you be able to wirelessly download to a robot, but you will be able to wirelessly download to a simulator running on a different computer. Devices on the network are discovered automatically using UDP multicast, so there will be zero configuration once you connect the next generation controller to a network. We will also be exposing this functionality to the user in the form of a library. Wifi downloading will require a password, however, and will be disabled during the tournament matches. I believe more information will be available at GCER.


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