Period 2: Upload a Code Review Document - An appeal (we were 30 seconds late)

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Dan Wang
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Hi, I represent the Roxbury Latin School team (12-0075) competing in the New England region of the Botball competition. Our team typically makes final edits to each period of documentation on its due date so that our documents are as up to date as possible. As such, we tend to submit our documents very close to the 5:00 PM Central deadline, which is usually fine as we complete the vast majority of writing the week before and know that we only have a very small, predictable amount of work left. Today the 28th, the due date for Period 2 documentation, we had again submitted most of our documents (Mechanical System Designs and Project Plan Document) during the afternoon, leaving the Code Review Document to be edited and submitted last.

Unfortunately, however, due to what appeared to be a temporary bug in Google Docs, which we use to convert all our documentation files from Microsoft Word to PDF form, we were held up long enough that by the time everything had gone through correctly, it was 30 seconds too late to upload the document onto our Team Homebase. As such, for not only the sake of the competition but also simply to not want to see our work go to waste, our team has decided to upload the final remaining document (Code Review), unmodified since the final edits made *before* 5:00 PM Central, onto these forums and respectfully ask for an appeal concerning the situation with the deadline.

Even though we technically failed to present our work, we did indeed faithfully stick to the principles of documenting a project's progress and diligently executed Botball's requirements for documentation. While our team fully understands that the fault for the lateness of the document lies with us in not leaving enough time to expect the unexpected (if nothing else, this has been a learning experience for the team and we now have a very healthy respect for Murphy's Law), as well as recognizing the dangers of a "slippery slope" in allowing teams to submit documentation late, we hope that we can still receive full or partial credit for our efforts given the tiny time difference (just half a minute) between being able to submit our documentation and receiving no credit for it at all.

Thank you for your time and consideration of our request -- the Roxbury Latin School robotics team.

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Jeremy Rand
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Hi Dan,

This request should probably be e-mailed directly to KIPR.


-Jeremy Rand
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