Is QuestCraft MOD brings Minecraft VR to the Oculus Quest 2 ?

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Quest Craft is a VR Version of Minecraft that runs standalone on the Oculus Quest. QuestCraft Source Code lies in both the MCXR repo and PojavLauncher repo. These contain everything needed to compile QuestCraft from source.

Installation Step

First, you need to install the QuestCraft APK to your VR Headset using SideQuest (available on Windows, macOS, Linux, and Android) or with QuestToolbox (Available on Windows, Auto Installer coming to QuestToolbox soon).

Next, open the QuestCraft launcher on your headset. Be sure to allow it to install any necessary files, and to grant it all requested permissions. Once complete, follow the on-screen prompts to enter your Minecraft login details and click the Install button to install QuestCraft's remaining required files.

And boom! You have successfully installed QuestCraft on your VR headset! To play, simply press the Play button and wait for it to load, it might take a while depending on headset age and model.

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