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Is there any chance there would/could be a live blog challenge for the regional season? I think it would be neat to have something for those tournaments. And it is a bit too late for the Oklahoma region, but I think it would be nifty to have a blog competition for an entire season instead of just a day or few.

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Jeremy Rand
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I think regional blogs would be a cool idea; I just worry about whether we can find enough teams. If we can find 3 teams from a single region who are interested, then I would support doing this for that region.

As for doing blogs for the entire season, I know that in practice the blogs I worked on covered most of the GCER season, although that portion was discarded for grading by the judges. Again, this would be cool, if we can find 3 teams who are interested.

Let's use this thread to see if there are teams that want to do either of these things. Teams, here's a chance to make your voices heard -- if you're interested in these proposals, post in this thread with your team name/ID and region.

(I don't make YAC policy unilaterally, so although I'm the de facto leader of the Live-Blog Challenge project, I can't guarantee YAC approval of this proposal. But if there's interest I'll definitely lobby on its behalf.)

-Jeremy Rand
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My team is in the Texas(Houston) region and we would be interested in doing this. I have to check on the ID, but I'll edit this post when it later today.